1. I'm doing these to help build muscle in anorexia recovery! I don't have a lot of weight to gain back so I'm not too worried about not meeting my calorie minimum (plus I eat a lot of extra veggies and fruit XD). I've been doing these for about two weeks (sometimes doing other workouts on your channel instead) and I'm definitely getting stronger!

  2. Had to miss a few due to an exam.
    I will catch up with you guys, sooner or later:D
    So I'm studying in a dance college although I didn't have a big dance experience before. Everyone in my class has been dancing for way more long. We had an exam on January 10th after the new year lol and I earned the highest grade. Teacher said I improved a lot and I'm sure it's all because of your workouts! Thank you a lot for everything you do:)
    PS: teacher even said she'll teach me to stand on point shoes if I will continue to work yaaaaay:D

  3. Completed days 8 & 9 today. Was unable to do them on the set days. I will have to double up tomorrow to catch up. Feeling awesome and healthy.

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