1. I've had a rebounder for years but completely forgot about it. I'm a former 6 mile a day runner who battled breast cancer twice and now am early 60s with terrible arthritis. I've gained a lot of weight. I've found it difficult to get motivated. Glad I found your channel and getting out my rebounder

  2. Love rebounders. Unfortunately, for those of us with any neck or back issues like degenerative disc disease, disc compression, stenosis, bulging discs, it's contraindicated. It further compresses the spine. Also, because of a big increase in circulation, bouncing/rebounding for somebody with heart issues such as congestive heart failure or something like that is too stressful on the heart. I'm happy to simulate it on the floor as a non-impact exercise. Or skip to another one of your terrific videos that is more appropriate for me. Also, love how you open some of your videos with the Qigong twisting move. That's called "Knocking on the Door of Life". how appropriate for your workouts!!

  3. I find it hard to do exercise as my knee has arthritis but I went out and bought one of these today and just bounced along with you. I wasn’t jumping but bouncing but I figure it’s a start. Thanks.

  4. I have the cellercise one by David Hall. It has a bar also if you want to use it. 😊 love it. My hips and back feels so much better. Great for breathing deep. Enjoy.

  5. Thanks for your encouraging video. I have a Swem rebounder which uses elastic like springs instead of noisy metal springs. It’s made in Sweden. It’s very similar idea to a Bellicone, rebounder, but less than half the price which may be helpful for some. I love my rebounder too, but I needed your video to get back on it. 😊

  6. 63 years old here. Been looking at rebounders for a bit after seeing videos like this that show all of the benefits. Ordered one and it arrived about a week ago. Got one with a bar. Putting it together today and going to get started!!
    Thanks for your videos and all the love and inspiration you bring to women!!! ❤️

  7. Just got my rebounder. I have a bar on mine which i'm glad of as I'm not as coordinated as you are my sweet. I'm exercising with you daily. THANK YOU for your inspiration! You look and ARE amazing!

  8. I got one rebouder after wachting the video.After the first 5 minutes doing the excercises I notice how fit you are, I am lying killed on the couch, but feeling great.thank you

  9. Rebounding clears your lymphatic system and helps detox your body! Studies show that rebounding increases Lymphocyte activity, which is really important because the lymph system supports immune function.

    I'm so thankful I found your channel! I've been "binge watching" your tips today! (54 years young and living in Texas.)

  10. Super !! I love rebounding! Nice to workout together❤️❤️ Its the best thing to free your mind. Happy greetings from Italy 😀

  11. I know someone who does this everyday and he is firm.,his arms are toned. I worried about my face sagging from jumping. I actually have one in the box, I need to set up .

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