1. WOW your the most helpful, heart full, realest dude on the youtube two thumbs ups man. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! thank for all you do bro you change lives! love and respect !

  2. Happy new year! I also did my first workout of 2019 today, a chest home workout consisting of dumbbell press (4 sets, 6-8 reps), dumbbell flyes (3 sets, 8-10 reps) and hip dumbbell press (3 sets, 6-8 reps), based upon your tutorials.

  3. With Dumbbell skull crushers I tend to do one Superset to failure at the end with 5kg each side, but I do a variation where you keep both dumbbells together thru the range of motion. Really hits the center of my chest as well squeezing them together. I also try and vary the end position from the actual top of my skull to my face, so my lats kinda stabilize it a bit (shoulder recon limits my range of motion) Happy New Year

  4. Don't confuse the feeling of fatigue and tiredness in the muscle with having a good workout.
    You can induce fatigue by holding your arms above your head for several minutes. However, no powerlifter will ever use that as an exercise to strengthen their overhead press and no bodybuilder will use that as an exercise to grow shoulders.

  5. I have the Technogym equipment and dumbells in my gym. Not keen on them. The grips for the dumbells above 20KG are too wide, so I have trouble getting a decent 'hold' on them. Many guys in my gym say the same. The build quality of the machines are cheap as well. Apparently, the council wanted the cheapest equipment possible with the cheapest service contract. Cables are snapping already and they've only been in there a year! Tried telling management you get what you pay for.

    I wish they hadn't had a refurb and just kept all the old Lifestyle Fitness and Hammer Strength stuff. They were excellent!!

    Anyway… Happy New Year Scooby, I'm off to the gym! ?

  6. To all the people who say scooby is on the juice he isnt. He just looks big on photographs but nonetheless he still is big but his body is achieved through good diet and excercise and obviously good genetics

  7. A decent holiday gym workout scoob, given me a few new ideas. I quite like the challenge of coming up with a productive workout in a limited holiday gym.
    Happy New Year

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