1. Just picked up cycling, secondary to running. After my second week of various YouTube videos THIS ONE DID IT. My quads were SO sore (3 days)after this video omg. Here I am for round two. Great job!!

  2. Hi! How do I check the rpm I’m at? Does it show at the little monitor on the bike? Also, do I have to have a heart rate monitor? Look forward to your reply 😊

  3. Disappointed this session ends abruptly with the suggestion that you can get the whole workout by subscribing. I think it is a bit irresponsible not including a warm down

  4. This may sound stupid, but how do I know what my percentage is? I bought a used Spinner bike from a gym that closed and I want to be able to do these classes, but my bike does not have a computer on it. Is there a specific computer that I need or will a heart rate monitor work? I didn't know if the percentages were heart rate or RPM's or something else. Thanks.

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