1. Как же они на хозяев смотрят,вот прям видно,любовь!В собачих глазах можно всё увидеть!Радость,любовь,старание,преданность!😍😊❤Жаль у меня нет собаки….

  2. This video is a tribute to my beautiful wife, Tina Humphrey who died last year. She was the ONLY person to have ever won the Crufts finals of Heelwork to Music, Freestyle and Freestyle International in a single year (2009). She was also the first person ever with a "dancing dog" to be a finalist in Britain's Got Talent. Tragically she died way too young, and long before she could do the things she wanted to do with Grace. But her spirit lives on. She's still dancing in our hearts. https://youtu.be/y0Qqj46cEQE

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