1. Proper technique is the end goal, so may be considered "the most important" — But high quality coaching and an appropriate training plan help us to improve our technique. I would like to see a diagram and slow-motion movement of the flutter kick for freestyle or backstroke. I have heard it described differently by different coaches — and there are so many movements happening simultaneously — I need it broken down and explained so that I can follow the steps to achieve the correct result…

  2. Hello coach,
    My point of view is the training plan guide us to the right techniques with or without coach if you could do the plan in the right way.
    Many thanks for your videos and keep up.

  3. If we are in 50 or 100m race, Do you think we should kick 2 times per arm stroke of should be more? What about the kicking after kick the wall? Do you think we should do the kicking immediately or should we wait some sec? Thanks a lot

  4. First , coaching tips on how to swim , follow by the technique you learn from coaching to enable you to swim efficiently while in water and then regular practice . Coaching should be first, follow by technique , then practice .

  5. great for adults to start lap swimming. I'm a senior Olympian and have improved my health by 1000 %.but I can't get my friends to swim.omg.its like they want to b sick and crippled as they grow old

  6. Coaching helps them to remove fear of water and move,but technique is very important coz you want to swim longer with less energy used,training program doesn't help at all tell them the efficient techniques if they follow that gradually they will swim better.

  7. I know how to swim but these techniques are very important i think I'm slowing down and out of breath,if i correct my mistakes I can swim longer with less energy used thanks for the video very helpful.

  8. Hi! I have started learning since last 1month but i my legs get exhausted very early, thats why I am not able to do it in deep waters. Please help me

  9. Just a random swimming tip: Do not and I mean do not try to test how long you can hold your breath under water for too long, and make sure to take breaths while swimming pretty often. There a condition anyone can get called shallow after blackout. Though it can happen not just shallow but deep. It’s technically where you stop breathing. And you drown pretty fast (immediately ) Be careful don’t do challenges with other sayin who can hold their breath longer. Stay safe!

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