1. For the hiding chest thing, I recently got a compression bra. They're a lot safer than using a binder or anything similar. Compression bras don't usually create a completely flat chest, but if you get a high compression one and wear a black t-shirt, it looks pretty good! Also love your videos, they're amazing. (This is toaster child from Insta by the way, just letting you know lol.)

  2. Also pushups target your back shoulders, arms and chest and are really good, if you struggle with them maybe start of with low reps and every week raise the number. If you still struggle you can use different variations of a push up that might be easier 🙂

  3. I used to have a workout routine and I looked good, I had big shoulders and bigger arms but then I just stopped and I'm noodle again too . I'm gonna join you on your journey 🙂

  4. Super proud of you! Every day you workout is a step closer towards the build you want.

    I've heard that when it comes to arm workouts, it's better to do more reps than to have more weight if you want to bulk them up. I would also advise high protein snacks. I personally eat peanut butter. A lot!

  5. You don't yet have that masculine build, and neither do I. But you also don't have a feminine build, you just look like a boy who has not quite got to puberty yet. My first goal of to get skinny, then I'm going to try to get bigger shoulders, to make my waist look smaller. But you could and are passing perfectly, you sort of have the build, you have a voice that if deeper than a girls, and you have helped me loads, which doesn't have anything to do with anything. But thanks. 🌈

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