1. There are a lot of athletes that are beginners and you are sowing exercises that can’t be done by them. We need someone to guide us in a gym .
    Cause your colleague if they see someone new they just care to take your money for a 20 minutes practice………….. so we need you to take us by the hand……

  2. Brilliant video, I only noticed the date due to lower resolution, so glad the concept of Athlean X is the same for such a long time now.. An absolute must for every gym enthusiast looking for honest quality material. All one can say is Thank You, Jeff for the continuous support!

  3. So as long as I use a heavy starting weight do I even need to add weight for each set? I always was taught to do so but if I don’t have to that would be a lot better

  4. I like when you spoke about those last three reps being the one's that truly matter. Very illuminating in the start of this quest of mine. I appreciate your vides boss 🙂

  5. I am 71 soon to be 72. I will be trying this workout as soon as my silver sneakers comes through my Gym. I did p90 when I was 58 and was able to do 3 one arm pushups after 90 days. Then I fell off a cliff and broke some ribs and punctured my lung. I like what you say. I am looking forward to doing it your way.

  6. all of my gym training for motocross is done in less than 30mins.
    high intensity, high heart rate, supersets and little to no breaks.
    my endurance is solid for hard riding for between 30 – 40 mins.
    easy riding i could go for ages.
    long sessions do nothing that hard short sessions cant. other than maybe eating into time that could be spent recovering lol

  7. First heard the concept of training to failure from Chris Heria and oh man, it makes a big difference. Magnus Lygdbäck also said if you spend more than an hour you're wasting your time.. and for strength and hypertrophy, I agree. Skills on the other hand, and endurance.. by all means grease the groove and put in the 10k hours.

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