1. Four months in- I have lost almost 26 inches and 26lbs as well!😍😍🤩 I’m still on my way to a better life. I live with fibromyalgia and some of the medication I got at one point, caused me to gain 66 lbs. I’m almost free of painkillers now 🙃
    Four month in I feel stronger, more able to cope with the chronic pain- My muscle pain are reduced and my generel well being is sooo much better🤩 Also: I sleep better at night, days with headache are reduced and don’t feel constantly bloated anymore.
    Thankyou for keep motivating me to live a better life with better food and excercise, Lucy❤️ Also Thankyou for making so many different videos, making it possible for a fibromyalgia patient to get started with softer workout and end up being a workout badass like in this workout vid. 😃😁😁😁😁🥰

  2. Hi Lucy did this workout this morning really good workout sweating loads x I also been doing you 4 min hit workout to after work which is great x Thank you for another great workout this is one of my favourite workouts 😁🙋‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪💋

  3. OMG! This kicked my arse! I've got until April 8th to get back into "fighting" shape after having baby#3 4 months ago…cause I will be leading the kids fight fitness class at my dojo again! Eeks!! This one is perfect cause it has all the right types of fight moves I just tweek it a bit. Thanks Lucy!

  4. I only started this workout days ago and already i'm feeling super super amazing , it fits so perfectly in my busy lifestyle, i completely recommend this workout, its great for everyone, thank you for posting something that works for me <3

  5. OMG GREAT WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! It rains so much here so I have to sit on the couch and I gained some weight. What I want to know is that if you do this 2 times a day would you burn calories quicker?

  6. I love your workouts. I was looking for something I could stick to, and found you. After following your small challenges I decided to buy your apple shape program. I really love it! Mind you, the holidays totally got me out of sink, but now I just started the program for the second time, and this work out was awesome! I look forward to finally run the program complete and see the results. I know this works! it has given me amazing results in a short time. Totally recommend it! Thank you Lucy.

  7. Hi lucy, I m following your 15-minute indoor walking video and 7 day 7 minute workout… no doubt all of your videos are very encouraging and beneficial… I have one question, what should we eat before and after these workouts? Also, how much time gap is required for eating anything before and after such workouts? Plz reply… Thank you…

  8. Thank you so much. I have always wanted to exercise but I lost the enthusiasm to do so. However, your videos got me back on track once again and I somehow don't feel too pressured that I actually look forward to doing them every day. They seem easy but it always get my heart beat so fast. I love that though I would always catch my breath, everything is doable as long as I push myself and focus on my health goals. I started with your 7 minute videos and after a week, I started to notice how my Monday work uniform seem to fit be better because a week before doing your exercise, they were so tight. My bosses and officemate notice as well. Each week is such a blessing because I always notice a huge improvement in my body. Amazed by the results, I started looking for your other longer videos. If you noticed, I'd been liking one of your videos everyday. I actually do that every time I finish your workout videos. Thank you so much and I look forward to staying healthy with you. Thank you again. ❤️

  9. I am hooked on your videos, I am 61and work retail standing all day. You have motivated me to start exercising again without excuses. Love every video so far.. thank you

  10. Just did this particular workout for the first time and loved it. I have problems with my knee joints so can’t do any jumping so I follow the easier moves. I am gradually trying out different workouts by Lucy but I especially like the 20 minute ones as the time goes quickly and I am not too worn out or achy to do another one the next day.

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