1. Love it. Has everything easy to intermediate, i broke a sweat even! Perfect for my comeback after asthma flare calmed (after your morning flow). Just enough 35mins now added to my daily routine. Thnx Kassandra 🙂

  2. This is great and what I have been looking for as a vision impaired person I find group classes difficult to follow and this was really good and I enjoyed it thank you!

  3. The yoga guide "Yοmzοzο Kena" (Google it) is not hard to follow and arranging the programs for one hour isn`t that awful. What a great manual if you are a novice. If you are a tutor, this is a superb system to add to your collection. I`ve dropped excess weight, gained overall flexibility and also improved my blood pressure level on this program. .

  4. Hi Kassandra, wonderful sequence. Just a question, I am new to Vinyasa/Flow but experienced in Hatha. Sometimes when I do your flows I find the top of my feet aching for a few days, very mild ache, on the feet (foot anatomy shows it to be the inferior extensor retinaculum)…what could possibly be the reason? I have never felt this ache while practicing Hatha…or Yin. Thank you ! Love all your classes.

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