1. hii anwesha. i am ur new suscriber i really like d way u r guiding us. lots of love to u. nd i have tried ur belly fat exercise its really awsome. thanks a tons 😘😘

  2. Few things
    Since deadlift is a compound exercise you should be doing it first and do it slowly.
    Try wearing a little appropriate gym clothes. That will look better. 🙂

  3. Hello di….ami tmr workout r yogar videos dekhe barite start kori r rujuta diwekar mam er kichu food habits er tips o follow kori because ami sune6ilam tumio tar onek boro fan.honesty August e amr weight chilo 70 kgs….r ajke amr weight 65…jani khub alpo kome6e,bt ami ei weight loose journey stop korbo na.ami perfect body weight e asboi ami nijeke promise korechi.eivabei amader prochur valo valo exercise sekhao…love u😘😘😘

  4. Hi di hope u reply
    Actually I drink green tea like rglr tea mean jaise rglr tea ko boil krte h sm process see boil krna boiling water and adding leaf and then boil for few minutes so di it is necessary to boil water first then add green tea leaf in it then drink

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