1. I'm doing full body myself, because i love it the most and i believe it's the most efficient way to build muscle and strength, but i've noticed that i have more joint pains doing full body even though i do same compound lifts as i would do let's say with upper/lower split, just more frequently with full body ofc. Is it possible that my joints just can't handle that frequency? I don't think it's that i do too much volume, because i do one exercise, 3 sets per body part in one workout

  2. I liked the way you had this day planned but what got me was the minimal amount of leg work. I understand that you will get indirect leg stimulation from various compound movements such as shoulder presses as a stabilizer etc but in my experience it's not enough. And you do so much of work for your other muscle groups directly through compounds that I think you should add more leg exercises, such as glute-ham-raise, some kind of hinging motion like romanian/stiff legged, sumo, conventional etc.
    I get it as well that aesthetics are not your main goals, it's strength, but it's still healthy to have more movement patters for the legs like those I listen above. Especially those folks who neglect the hamstring work tend to get knee problems in the long run.
    What I do for my legs, and I do do full body workouts as well, is that I do front squat(sometimes supersetting with calf raises) , romanian deadlift superseted with some sort of knee extension exercise because those movements don't bother each other and also I do Glute-ham-raises as an isolation movement for the hamstrings. I've had my best results by doing that stuff, usually the extreme ranges of motion for different muscle groups like front squat is functional and most extreme emphasis on the quads, and romanian/stiff legged deads for hamstrings.
    Anyways God bless

  3. The fact that you can squat 315 for multiple reps is a big accomplishment bro! The amount of weight you can lift per exercise is significant bro. Keep it up!

    Thanks for sharing KP.

  4. Good to see you again KP 🙂
    I noticed you added more volume/reps on the squats 😉 .
    I believe this will make your Squats go up much faster !
    Anyways stay strong

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