1. I think you should talk about the excellent form your are using. There are so many benefits.
    Easier in joints, better activation of muscles, safety, etc.
    Your form reminds me of Jeff Alberts of 3DMJ. I see you are barbell rowing like he does.
    Any thoughts on training for guys with smaller bone structure.
    I think bone size really impacts have much training someone can tolerate.
    I have 6.5in wrists and when I started taking 2 days off between workouts i got really strong.
    Also staying away from failure on compounds helps as well as not doing same exercise back to back.
    For example bench press then 2 days later dips. Seems to help joints and recovery, less repetitive stress.

  2. Awesome routine man. I run a full body A/B 3x a week alternating. Same progression scheme but I use 3×5-7. Been making good progress my lifts are a little below yours.
    What’s the song at 3:56 btw?

  3. Hey eric can i ask about the weights you select. So should i select a weight i can do 8 reps for all 3 sets? Then add a rep if i can achieve this for the next session?

  4. Thanks for sharing your routine mate, I'll be back at gym soon and was looking for 3 day full body routine. Definitely I'll give it a try!

  5. What do you think about spliting full body workouts into vertical and horizontal movements every other day like mondays squats ohp pull ups and wednesday deads bench and rows? But doing bit more volume per workout.

  6. Hi EricFit, thanks for your share. But i have a question, I should do all the exercises all workout day? For example:
    — Monday:
    Incline Bench
    3 sets x 8 Reps
    Bent Over Barbell Row 3 sets x 9 Reps
    Press 3 sets x 8 Reps
    Pull Ups
    3 Sets x 8 Reps
    3 sets x 6 Reps
    Incline Curls 3×10-12
    Lateral Raises
    Tricep Extension
    — Wednesday, Friday: Repeat.
    Is this too many exercises on a workout day?
    Hope you reply soon

  7. Nice dude. I found a bodysolid power rack, 300lbs of plates, a barbell, ez bar, and bench on Craigslist about a year ago. Guy said make an offer so I said 300.00 and he said sold. I think I got a hell of a deal. I think I’m way more motivated to work out at home.

  8. There is so much information overload on routines, reps, sets, etc. Thank you for taking the time to share a simplified and effective routine based on your results.

  9. Thanks Eric! Nice video man love how your always so down to earth and no bullshit when it comes to this game, do you still follow Kinobody principles? I myself have been training for 6 years and have done so many different splits and programming protocols and have bought so much stuff into this fitness game and it’s good to see a fellow lifter who preaches same stuff! I have to agree with full body it’s honestly the best

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