1. Wow so many workouts this weekend. Thank you so much. I love your workouts. I really like that you include weights and other equipment. I always do your workouts in the gym and my form ist improving every time.

  2. Found your videos the other day and my wife wanted me to so some with her at home. I usually go to gym and do my CrossFit workouts but she wanted us to workout together at home. Tell ya what some of your workouts really made me sweat!! Keep them coming. My wife is gonna do your 28 day challenge.

  3. hii
    I'm from Turkey
    found ur super awesome channel while was looking for full body workouts
    I gave shots to one of ur full body workouts +day 1 of ur 28 day challenge
    really enjoyed
    love you

  4. DONE!!!! This was a top off to a cardio I did! PHEW!!! How does my heartrate get so high with just weights. I was huffing and puffing at the end! I need some bicep work so will have to browse one of your arm workouts to combine with another. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am VERY excited for the next 27 days. 🙂

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