1. First i read the comments and thought..how hard could this be?. Im gonna try it…THIS WORK OUT KICKS BUTT!! ..but..I LOVED IT!! OMG did i love it!! I can't wait to do it again!

  2. Day 29 – first circuit tough and I think I hurt my neck and shoulders on the last circuit (plank on elbows and knees to elbows while rocking on knees) so I modified exercises by doing planks on hands instead of elbows and bringing knees to elbows. But these are my health issues (migraines, fibro, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, etc. caused by multiple whiplash injuries years ago). Hope this didn't exacerbate these again and I have to start from square one. I guess I have to remember that I'm not 20 something and I that I am really 60 something. I kept up anyway!

  3. Love it! Challenging but also varied and the time passed by so quickly too. Yes, I am not coming out if it looking pretty but I am certainly feeling strong. Thanks Jessica I am so happy that I rediscovered this routine this morning.

  4. I LOVE your work outs! This one was tough!!! Even the "warm up" was like yikes! The music was the big negative here. I do these videos when the house is asleep and when it's turned down to an acceptable level I couldn't hear you. I will certainly continue doing all of your amazing work outs!!!!

  5. Thank you for these workouts. I own several Jessica Smith DVDs including her Women's Health, 10 Minute Solution, and her Walk On workouts. She is a great instructor and motivator.

  6. After a few days of light working out coming off illness, I was ready for this one. So thankful to be able to tackle a tougher workout today…inside where it's not so cold.

  7. I LOVED this workout! I have tried possibly 50 different workouts since joining YouTube. There are alot of them that I like a lot and are staples, but I've recently gotten into metabolic conditioning and have found it nearly impossible to find one that isn't led by some young beefcake with way more muscle power than I have. This was perfect me; I was able to complete the whole thing while still being very challenged, all the exercises are efficient and effective, and I wasn't bored. Well done. Thanks, Jessica!

  8. Hi from England! just started using your youtube fitness channel and I LOVE it!! This one is amazing and the music is fab. Thankyou Jessica keep them coming to us across the pond!

  9. Great, challenging workout. More like this, please! More high intensity strengthening with equipment, Jessica. I have lots of home gym equipment I want to utilize — the stability ball gets more use from my 10-yr old! And what about medicine balls with a workout?

  10. What a tough workout. Super sweaty and out of breath exhausted. Oh how I hate mountain climbers. Thank you for this challenging, but well worth it, video!

  11. Ahhhh! Well, I finished it. I thought nothing was worse than lunges but mountain climbers are jjust impossible. Really, my tummy is so large I can only reach my foot to about under my hip. Guess that's why I have to keep going! Thanks Jessica and Peanut!

  12. I'm not sure I found this easier than the first time I tried it, but maybe it was a little more doable. I got through everything, just cut down the lunges for my knees. And now that I've cooled down, I do feel amazing 馃檪

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