1. I'm tired of these kind of video "training like". A lot of v.i.p. look in fit and very rounded fur few months, the time of a movie, and then? Fat, very fat or out of fit.

  2. Men's health I'm disappointed that's too vanilla workout this workout is for people who likes to post pictures of them selves on Instagram while training without a single drop of sweat, so man up and post videos with good materials instead of using Hollywood celebrities names as a click bates, there are many amateur channels out there that beats you by light years

  3. It's true a lot of actors use steroids, but Gerard doesn't look like he is on steroids to me. IMO that physique is perfectly attainable with regular workouts – his muscles aren't that large or defined.

  4. Good program right there
    A lot of primal pattern movements
    Squat, bend, push, pull, twist…
    missing a lunge but you got a few leg exercises there already so it’s good 👍🏻
    Finisher good for burning fat ..i like it

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