1. here’s the workout ????

    – walk on treadmill for 3mins
    – run 1-2 miles @ speed 6.5 miles/hr

    30 secs for each:

    – jumping jacks
    – high knees
    – butt kicks
    – burpees
    – squats
    – squats jumps
    – squat pulses
    – sumo squats
    – skater lunges (1min)

    floor : (no break btwn exercises!)
    – leg lifts
    – fire hydrants
    – 90 ups
    – leg lifts side to side
    – 90 ups but pulling your leg in (?)
    repeat all on the other side

    – bridge raise
    – bridge raise moving up and down
    – bridge raise on 1 leg
    – bridge raise on 1 leg moving up and down

    – crunches
    – oblique crunch (regular crunch, twist to the side using obliques and pulse up) (1 min)
    – v crunch
    – leg lifts
    – single leg lifts (1 min)
    – when legs are in a v ?? formation, do crunches
    – reverse crunches
    – v leg lift
    – sideways leg lifts
    repeat all on the other side

    – side plank
    – plank (1 min)

    stretch (this is v important!)

  2. Kız Eylül Türkçe kanalından geliyorum bana tadınık gelmiştin daha önceden rutinlerini yapıp Türk olduğunu bilmeden beğenmişim, müthişsin öpücüklüyorum ????

  3. i would love to start and lose a little weight but even if im overweight for my age (kinda alright for my height), my parents still think im 'too skinny' and i need to eat more traditional food, lmaooo

  4. Thanks for sharing ???? but I wanna give you a tip,you should also stretch your legs before and after working out (because you included running in this set of workout.And I saw you just stretched your back????) so that you can get long lean legs and also protect your muscles. I’m not being rude just some tips!!

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