1. Ok so i’m going to do this back workout, XHITS arm workout, and alexis rens hourglass ab workout for the next 30 days all while eating healthier- i’ll be weighing in and writing here everyday to keep me motivated 🙂
    // like to remind //

  2. I have been trying to workout for weeks and I really really need the motivation because my love handles are my biggest insecurity so please if you se this just like to remind me, I will try and update if I don’t forget as well

  3. I'm doing 6 of gabby's workouts per day and a leg workout by someone else. I'm gonna update please like to remind me

    Weight:129 lbs
    Height: 5'3 ish
    Age: 15

    Day 1: it's very hot today and I was sweating the whole time and I wanted to give up I pushed through. I'm also exhausted i guess my body just isn't used to working out haha.

    Day 2:

  4. Im doing this every day for 2-3 weeks, and I’m also eating healthier,
    Day 1: haven’t noticed much just that it was pretty hard 😬
    Day 2: my back has gotten a bit harder, not much change🙂
    Day 3: again nothing much changed but my back is getting stronger, it has been harder since 1st day😖😂
    Day 4: it has gotten harder to do, but my back is a much stronger and I think I’m seeing a bit of a difference😀
    Day 5: I am seeing more difference and my back is definitely stronger😖😀

  5. i’ll start doing this tomorrow. if you want updates please like this so i won’t forget 😅
    also this isn’t to get likes, it’s just to record my progress to the public.
    i have 16 days left until band camp, yes, i am in marching band and i’m desperately trying to lose weight 🌼
    anyways, here’s my starting point!:
    age: 13 weight: probably 138 pounds
    height: 5’4
    wish me luck? 🌸
    day: (update tomorrow)

  6. im statring this log so you can see any progress and see if it even works

    Day one: it was hard to do and i could barely do it and of course no difference bc its just the first day

    Day two: hardly see a difference
    the excersize is not getting easier

    Day three: exercise just got a bit easier a see a slight difference with my body (maybe it’s just my mind)

    Day 4: it was hard but not as hard as the first day i finally see a difference but it’s definitely not drastic

    Day 5: i see no difference but i will keep going (can i plz have some support)😕

  7. ok so imma start to do this every night. My back is my biggest insecurity and I want to boost my health and confidence! If you’ll be interested in updates I’ll happily give them 🙂

  8. doing this for 34 days (until school starts)
    day 1- struggled a lot on the last set but did really good on the first
    day 2- still difficult
    day 3- today my lower back felt the tiniest bit stronger. i took a minute break in between sets but by day 7 i want to complete the entire workout without stopping
    day 4- i take small breaks of 5 seconds about every 20 seconds but i want to get to the point where i don’t ever stop. still no change
    day 5- no change

  9. I'm on my second day of trying this, so I'll try to keep you guys updated. I'm especially posting this for those who want to know the effect it has on love handles. I've only done this once yesterday, and I'm only going to do it once today, after that, I will do it twice a day. I'm also doing this along with Gabi's Extreme Hip Workout. I'll start from day 3 tomorrow, see you guys then!

    Love Handles: 33.75 in

    Day 2
    I only did it once today, and I incorporated hip thrusters from her bubble butt workout, and bicycle crunches, flutter kicks, and butterfly kick crunches from her tiny waist workout.

    Love handles: 32.25 in
    Waist: 30 in

  10. I’m going to try this for 2 weeks, updating. I’m sorry if I end up forgetting :<
    day 1. I did it, while doing the workouts I felt my back and it felt a lot stronger but obv it’s not visible.

  11. Just finish my first workout! Very intense but I’m up for a challenge. I’m doing it every morning and night for a month and hope to see results. Like for support and to keep me motivated.

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