1. Nicole, I totally took you on vacation with me last week and do your booty workouts on the weekends! I am so excited to have a trainer who can help me build my booty exactly the way I want!

  2. I love her workouts. I always feel the burn in my legs and butt and I know I’m never wasting my time doing her workout videos. Definitely challenging and fun at the same time 😁

  3. You KILLED me !! But I LOVED it ! Haha ! Did it with 2x1kg ankle weights and 2x4kg dumbbells. I loved your words of encouragement throughout the workout. Can't wait to feel the soreness tomorrow ! Greetings from France <3

  4. Still an excellent booty and thighs workout ♥ Thanks a lot dear Nicole for your every butt workout which are undeniably the bests of any butt workout that we can find on youtube ♥ This is only thanks to your workout that I, my mother and my sister really started to transform our booty ♥♥♥ Thanks so much Nicole and Gymra. God bless you ♥♥♥

  5. Just finished it with a 12 pound dumbbell and I am dripping with sweat. Great workout, it is indeed what it was named for – "brutal". Thank you so much!! Looking forward for tomorrow to feel the workout.

  6. Can you make a workout like this for improving hip dips, using the same kind of equipment you're using in this video? I really want to make my hips look wider and curvier. I think a hip workout would be a good complimentary workout to this butt workout. I would do both.

  7. Awesome another Nicole Steen workout. Thank you Gymra and Nicole! I can't wait to try this workout. I can already tell I won't be able to walk for days honestly. The only problem is I don't have any ankle weights.

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