1. Dude, after years of casual training I can say, that you are the number one reason why I always kept going back to bodyweight exercises. You became my go to guy when I needed inspiration or an example of good form for my own exercises.
    The biggest game changer for me by far were the rings. Man, without the rings and the many, many different exercises I would´t have made any gains or progress. Your training advice was fundamental to my gains in strength, mobility and size.
    And even if that sounds weird: I think you have the perfect phyisique!

  2. How can I build up muscle, tendon, etc. around my ankles?
    I've always had trouble with them ( rolling, sprains, weakness ) & I'm at a loss for what exorcises I should perform to help strengthen them.

  3. I dont see how anyone is expected to do a nordic curl without another person or weights. Like wtf is heavy enough for that

  4. Some good movements I've not seen before. I'm trying to do more body weight but all I'm doing is dips, pull ups and leg raises, gotta be a better range of exercises to do a full body workout routine

  5. I´m not sure if I´m doing anything wrong or I just have weak legs but the nordic curl just destroyes my knees. This exercise feels really painful and hard.

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