1. Is this program also appropriate for women? I am recovering from a knee injury, so pounding it out on the treadmill isn't an option (and it used to just make me hungrier anyway).

  2. I wanted to give a quick review of this program. I bought this program 6 day ago and I followed his fasting plan and his workouts and I went from 221 to 214 this morning. 7 pounds in 6 days.

    I thought fasting would be the hardest thing in the world for me, especially because I wake up at 3 am for work every morning. But his tips about sparkling water and black coffee worked especially well.

    I even already went 24 hours fasting this week once while working and exercising after coming back home without feeling hungry. Thank you Greg.

  3. Greg, Ive had your agressive Fat loss program for a long time. Started to go through the online course. Got so lost, found it repetitive, an not structured or simple to read or follow. Just diesnt get to the point as you explain in your videos.
    Found your reference to Facebook (FB) over used in your video. I do not and will not use FB.
    I'm unable to sut infrim of a screen fir hours on end, reading your guidance. Was recently told by support you do not allow printing.

    I am an over weight fat fuck who paid fir your couse and still have idea how to start, fast, feed and train…
    So in plain English, how about you write more direct steps for fat dumb fucks like me?

    Thank you!

  4. Hey Greg, I think I've heard you say that you don't use protein shakes or supplements, however it's hard to get all my daily protein from eating… would drinking a 22gram protein shake before or during my designated eating period (2pm-8pm) deter from the program? Please let me know. Thanks!

  5. hey Greg… great work… quick question… if you are doing intermittent fasting and trying to cut weight and you do a hiit workout that isn't weight intensive ( u know mountain climbers, burpees, planks, push ups, high knees, ect…can u eat carbs after that or do you would only eat carbs if lifting weights is the main part of your work out?

  6. hey Greg ( if you see this) i wanna ask a genuin question, is it Realy worth it if it's the only way to get away from body depression? Thankfull for answeer.

  7. Thinking of buying this. Is it predominantly a diet plan or way of eating that I'll be able to stick to and use along with my current own workout program or is there an actual workout program included that I have to stick to also?

  8. Difference between this and the warrior program and the greek god program? They all do intermittent fasting except warrior has caloric deficit and greek god has sur plus, how does this add value if i already have the warrior program?

  9. How would you do aggressive fat loss without losing relative pound strength? I'm a powerlifter at about 5"5 173lb 16%body fat n wanted to lose fat without losing too much strength off my big 3 lifts of bench, squat, n deadlift

  10. How would you do aggressive fat loss without losing relative pound strength? I'm a powerlifter at about 5"5 173lb 16%body fat n wanted to lose fat without losing too much strength off my big 3 lifts of bench, squat, n deadlift

  11. Sorry Greg, but I have a question about the fasting that I have been doing. I have been doing 23 hour fasts with lifting 3 times a week. I just recently hit a weight loss plateau, I went from losing 5 pounds a week, to a simple 1.2 pounds a week. I need your help man. Fasting has worked great until now, in fact, I lost a total of 30 pounds. But still want to continue.

  12. Greg your program has helped me huge! everyday is getting easier and easier, and the weight is falling off. in event been this lean ever! I've lost 20lbs in 6 weeks following your advice!

  13. HI Greg,
    I have recently had problems logging into the website after purchasing the kinobody , I have sent 4 emails to your account and one to the support site at your website. Your website did not send any email to my account on rectifying my log in.
    I have resorted to try to communicate with you on you tube. Strangely enough, all the your spam emails came through to my account, so I am sure this is not a wrong account issue. Please respond asap.

  14. I am currently doing a 3 days split routine: 1)back and biceps 2) shoulders and legs 3) chest and triceps. do you think it's a good idea or should I do a different split like alternating upper and lower body o doing full body work?

  15. I'm a 3 sport athlete in high school. I am about 150 with about 13%body fat. I know that if I were to lift then I would take my sports to the next level; however, I don't know how I could possibly recover. What are some recovery things you do.

  16. Greg, i have noticed from your videos you seem to be very much back and forth between a surplus of calories and a deficit. Is this something you feel is necessary at the level of leanness you are at, or do you think your leanness is easy to maintain on maintenance calories?

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