1. Someone please explain this to me: I thought hasfit was committed to providing free workouts (this is what you always said) but I've just been to the website and am now seeing a 7-day free trial which implies that it's no longer free to follow the programs. Does this mean we now have to pay to play?

  2. I am hoping one day that I can get pregnant. I am 35 and time is ticking, lol! It is getting the boyfriend on the same boat as me. I was worrying a little about not being able to exercise the same way and having a hard time losing the weight, and the whole idea of my pelvic floor becoming weak, this right here is something I will turn to when that day does comes around.

  3. I just gave birth 4 monthes ago
    , I definitely wish I would have found HASfit then. Oh well they both are helping me with the mommy body they have really good video for literally everything!!!💪

  4. Thank you, Coach & Claudia for sharing your knowledge with the world !
    Yes, knowledge is powerful, unfortunately people perish from lack of knowledge.

  5. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and finally my nausea is decreasing and i can start to workout again so i purchased this program and just did my first workout and i love it! Thank you so much!

  6. I am so looking forward to following this programme as I am planning to conceive for my second baby. I have read Claudia's articles on healthy eating during pregnancy and more articles on healthy pregnancy would be much appreciated. My first pregnancy was very rough so I am really determined to make the second one as healthy as possible.

  7. So excited and thankful for this! I plan on starting my own family next year and I would hate to lose the progress I've made. My birthday is next month and I know exactly what I'll be asking for 🙂

  8. Wow thats wonderful!! I just gave birth 6 months ago and all i could do was walk…..no one gave these workout plans from start! The pregnant workouts online are for women who were extremely active pre-pregnancy…

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