1. I'm all for inclusivity, and sure, let the kids workout if they want to but, POPSUGAR, please, please, please some real, long, intense Barre and kickboxing sessions as well!

  2. Sweet class and nice interaction. But does it need to be a competition? For kids? Boys x Girls again , in the 21st century? It's hightime for us to enjoy moving our body just for fun! Besides that, its better to support cooperation than competition!

  3. This workout is good. But m pretty sure the dislike button nowdays on Popsugar is used because they don't give the intense 30 40 min videos like they used to.

  4. Very cute, but I also miss long workouts, that are not dance. Especially pilates and barre and low-intense impact workouts. I keep doing the older videos now. Marnie Alton and Lisa Cordello are my go-to.

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