1. The only thing that I can seem to get to max heart rate is pushing the sled at my gym. Fortunately my gym has installed a sled and a long Astroturf track to push it on. What’s your opinion of pushing the sled?

  2. I can run treadmill at its highest speed for 1 min…and recover in 1 min to go again..does that mean the treadmill doesn't have enough speed for me so I can run my max..guess so? Am I wasting my time ?

  3. Can you do a video on the best way to determine your maximum heart rate? I am a 68 year old female who does HIIT on the treadmill. I can easily reach my MHR of 152 within 20 seconds at 7.5 level, but always feel like I can push harder. I had been doing slow jogging for about two years, but I'm now hooked on HIIT thanks to your videos. I'm not interested in keto, but love your fitness videos.

  4. Very ambiguous on first suggestion. Simply put, if you had just done a p.b. on your first sprint, how long a rest would you take to get your next one. Answer is obvious. A week perhaps lol…

    The goal is to maximise your pulse rate, and this is how to do it. 20 or 30 sec. Max (at 70 yrs my h.r. reaches 110 bpm. ) 1 min recovery, it drops to about 100, them hiit it again, this time 130 may be the number, b.p.m and so on..drops to 120 then reaches about 140 until max is achieved (220 minus your age).

    On number three point, no need for either or. Best equpment to do this is a cross trainer, or without equipment, squat thrusts, where upper and lower body both work in synch, to maximise.

    It takes me two less reps to achieve max h.r. than just legs on the cross trainer, and two more is just upper body. The legs ofvcourse, achieve max o2 uptake far quicker.

  5. You are the best fitness channel on the internet. I like how you use scientific research to support your videos. Makes me feel comfortable taking advice from your videos.

  6. I went to my local gym hiit class a few weeks ago. I laughed after it as it was everything that I had been told not to do with hiit researching it on the internet. It was all keep moving, no resting. No more gym hiit class for me, just the weight and stretching classes.

  7. Best is 20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest for eight times, alternating between two exercises. That is what Tabata found in his studies of HiIT. Also important is that you warm up before doing a HIIT workout, to reduce risk of injury and prepare your vascular system for the cardiovascular load. You are right about mixing in upper body exercises in to the workout.

  8. I tried out a 45 sec on/15 sec rest hiit music for 8 rounds, dude man bro…. my body is sore lol. Then I repeat till I hit my minimum 30 to 45 min workout 😁 waist 38 to 34 in 7 months with 30 lbs of fat burned off 😁👍

  9. not trying to bash him but when talking about the study in number two he doesn't mention what group the participants belong to and in the description it says "obese female adolescents" and I find it quite misleading that he didn't even mention that once when talking about the study because how many of his viewers/subscribers are obese female adolescents? I'm a female adolescent but I'm underweight so this study wouldn't even apply to me

  10. Hoping somehow you see this question and answer it in your next q&a. I’m currently doing 23/1 fast 3 days a week tues-thurs. 16-20hrs fast fri and Saturday. Sunday Monday just a caloric deficit days or really close to what I think is my maintenance. So my question is, I fast all day. Get off work, go to the gym then come home and feast at around 11pm and repeat…Will there be any harm bc I eat so late and sleep so soon right afterward, usually 1-1.5hrs after eating I’m knocked out lol.

  11. Thanks for sharing this! That was surprisingly helpful for someone who has enjoyed that sort of workout (mindlessly following that pattern on video workouts) but never really understanding the benefits/how to go about creating it myself.

  12. I do crossfit and it moslty have too short recovery breaks. Are there any crossfit-type workouts you would consider efficient?
    Another question: would you do hiit training as a separate session or can it be done before or after strength or skill training?

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