1. Another Yvette classic! Thanks for sharing these awesome calorie burning workouts with the world! I’m stronger, leaner and energized!

  2. I’m addicted to Les Mills Bodystep (and indeed all their other workouts). I was yet to find a decent step workout here (just out of curiosity) but THIS right here..pleasantly surprised I’ll admit. Good intensity..variety and not just the old boring step routines from decades ago! Awesome HIIT workout. I’ll do it tomorrow! Thank you for sharing! 👏 💪

  3. I was watching and taking inspiration from the last girl in blue. Cuz I am like her only. She is heavy so am I. So I thought if she could do I too

  4. Thisssssssss is an amazing workout. Thank you so much for helping me gain strength and confidence. Your channel is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Stay blessed!
    Ps Im dripping in sweat

  5. Could you help me I am new I want to start playing sport but I don't know which one is the first exercise for me I have a little beat bat I want to achieve a small weist with a flat bat give me a program so i can start and I want to remove cellulite you are gorgeous this the first time I sow your channel it is professional ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Вы просто умница. Ваша ученица в белой повязкой на голове просто лентяйка. Совсем не работает. Гоните ее.

  7. Well, switched to this after not being able to do your cardio blast since I’m five months pregnant. What a mistake, but a good mistake. Made me throw up at 33 minutes, was not ready for 40 mins of hardcore hiit. Was good for me though and now feel happy i was still able to keep up. Heres to monday, see you tomorrow for strength training!

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