1. Has Jay injured his right shoulder or something in the past?… 8:42 his hands are off-center enough to make me think it was intentional, and you can see it again @ 12:23 on the DB Incline where his left is clearly extending more. (I realize that most people with his credentials have probably injured everything, but it looks like something more substantial happened?… Just wondering because he never mentioned anything, thanks!

  2. Nice to see a video of friends enjoying a workout. I grow tired of seeing these younger guys jumping around screaming an acting like their god an ego lifting. Keep these videos coming jay nice work 👍

  3. I had the pleasure to meet Jay a few years back at an expo in Germany. Even though it was just for a moment, we also took a pic together, you could really sense the humbleness from his aura, an incredible personality indeed. Jay is personally one of my favorite Mr. O's. John, thank you for posting, I am about to destroy my chest with this workout today, it is just what I needed! Much love.

  4. Love your videos! I have wondered for a while how you track progress. I see Mike Israetel preach about keeping a log book, and quite thoroughly planned cycles, in which he keeps the same exercises in rotation for a few months, and since you're also a part of that community, as I perceive it, I was wondering how you program. It seems to me your approaches vary quite a bit, and that you mix it up quite a bit more.

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