1. Did this and other dance cardio! It is super fun but last time i did without any streching after the workout ma muscle really killed me for 3 to 4 days ! Girls stretch it out after any of these 😭😭😭

  2. Did this today ! Guys ive been working out whole week!! Getting stronger and stronger~~~ 5 days in a row yay!! 3 4 min is easy peasy now im going for more haha 🤪🤪🤪 but really i am doing 2 of these from yesterday oh yeah

  3. I didn't like it the first time I tried it because I'm not very coordinated, but I decided to try it again. I still couldn't do the moves where I put my arms in the air so I modified some of the moves and it ended up being fun for me. And in total, I ended up doing the video 5 times.

  4. I'm having 80's Jazzercise vibes in the best way! You need leg warmers & sweatbands! LOL
    I need help picking out which meal plan to buy can you please help Katie? I have been hypo thyroid for most of my life & on medication that doesn't seem to help me feel any better. I have been a vegetarian 25 years but now I eat some seafood as well. I am ready to do anything to feel better including eating meat. which food plan option do you think would serve me better for my over all help with hypo? I know your not a doctor but frankly my doctors have never talked to me about nutrition & my thyroid. Any advice would be very appreciated. XO

  5. I love u! U have helped me so much!
    I used to do ur workouts dying and when I did them I didn’t eat the healthiest I just worked out, but I slowly got healthier and happier thanks too u! Luv u #LSF

  6. OMG, hard to find more pleasant, sexier, more charming, more glamorous than these three coaches. Very well filmed, beautiful colors, good light, it's pro. Beautiful women with dreamy physiques and shapes to make Venus blush with envy.

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