1. I've heard that due to differences in metabolism between sexes most women react better to low-intensity cardio while most men react better to HIIT. I can't find the source, though.

  2. Hello, I need some advice.

    Currently I am 172 cms or 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall and weigh at 96 kgs or 212 lbs.

    I want to gain an athletic body (as well as reduce fat content) which is both strong and has high stamina. So is it okay if do weight training and LISS on alternate days ? I have a slipped/herniated disc so some forms of HIIT are not comfortable for me now.

  3. I just go walk for a hour on my days off of lifting our ride my bike. Eating enough calories just to build muscle is already a pain in the ass and super expensive enough.

  4. As a chemical engineer in food processing, let me tell you this: cardio "seems focused on burning FAT" (by exercising a long time at a slower pace to get to the point where fat is directly used as energy). BUT, it conditions the full body biochemistry to STORAGE FAT, for that is the fuel being burned during the exact activity.
    "The body says, If this guy likes to use fat as energy, I better have more of it, so I decide to accumulate fat".

    On the other hand, HIIT is aimed to burn the most of blood circulating glucose, fast and furiously, and forces the body biochemistry to BURN FAT (later, not during the exercise session) as a mean to replenish the circulating blood glucose (by a not so simple biochemical process called gluconeogenesis)
    "The body says, if this guy likes to use glucose as energy, I better start converting all this stored fat into glucose" (a not so direct path as I already said).

    You know, I really dislike all this BIG lack of real information to pose this kind of predicaments in front of people. What´s said above also implies having some medical caution, for there are health risks involved in both paths.

  5. My problem with all the HIIT studies and claims, is no sprinter has ever made the switch to running the marathon. HIIT training and technical work is about all sprinters do (that and lift) yet, if it is so great for improving VO2Max and overall cardio health why can't any of the great 100 meter runners keep up in a 1 mile race, let alone anything longer?

  6. Im gonna tell you guys right now and i promise you tgis is the homest truth. HIITS is better and more fun, BUT i do bith. 6 months ago i was going to tge gym lifing weights and doing 30 min of steady cardio 5 times a week for 30 min. I went from 406 lbs to 378 pounds in 3 months. I hsd an issue with the gym i was going to. Cancelled the membership and did nothing after. I sat tgere and gained almost all of it back. So about 7 weeks ago i got motivated again. Decided to use a couple dumbells and do full body weight training twice per week with a 30 min steady cardio brisk walk right after. I also decided to do HIIT cardio for 20 min and a 20 min walk on the off days of not weight traing with sundays completely off. Im not on a very strict diet only one can of coke or aprite with dinner per day m the rest its diet coke or water. So i cut sugar but eat all my normsl meals. The results are fucking amazing. In 7 weeks i went from 397 pounds to 356 pounds. 7 weeks. Its just melting off. Everyone i know is asking me how im doing it. The only thing im fmdoing diff from when i was going to the gym was i incorperated the HIITS. yes HIITS is hard but the pay off is ver very satisfying. I hope to lose another 20 pounds in the next 30 days.

  7. If you first start doing cardio or after a long time of not doing it, I find that HIIT gets you into it all faster, meaning your body adapts more quickly to it. So say you go out the first time and do some HIIT, then rest 1-3 days. The second time you do either HIIT or classic cardio, your legs are better prepared, your breathing levels off faster and way more smoothly and the overall feeling of that somethin has changed is more present. That's highly subjective though.

  8. Hi. Anyone combine hiit with steady state cardio in one session, eg. 20 minutes hiit follow with 30 minutes cardio? Is it a good idea? Any studies about this?

  9. My problem with HIIT is joint wear.
    I feel like my joints are much more exerted and I find myself aching in my joints more often in HIIT than SIT. Actually I don't recall any discomfort for SIT.

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