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  2. Actually this is fairly impressive. Cuz hes probably doing all sorts of workouts all day long. Could be doing something training athletes on a practice field, a celebrity or something hes working with, whatever. Im sure its random times too. Plus his own workouts. It one thing to go do your own session on your normally scheduled time, and then thats it. Everyone knows your body gets used to its workouts and times when you keep a schedule and its easier. But its alot harder when its random, especially if youve done other work . So its pretty damn good to just hop down there and do this for a video

  3. Nice chest pump. I've been focused on legs hip flexers and abs. It's time to focus on the arms and chest, this is a great place to pick back up on the upper body, Thanks!

  4. That was pretty cool and kind of challenging, i might have some problems in how i did the exercises because my wrists hurt a little in some of them, any tips?

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