1. Great stuff!!! Could you ever have imagined that one day you would say I might compete in a masters over forty competition??!!! Sigh
    I'm struggling with lower back fat as well. Could you do a series on that subject.

  2. lee, one of your subscribers here, just wanted to mention that these homeworkout videos are greatly appreciated ,i miss the gym but its good to have options . on another note ,weightlifting/workout equipment tends to sell out at walmart and canadian tire here,so it would seem a lot of us are working out at home

  3. Awesome video Lee! This is gonna sound like I'm trying to be funny, but I'm legit serious. When u lift do u ever imagine ur strong enough to launch weights into the stratusphere, or imagine you can bench press the moon or planets? I do that all the time and idk why Lol just wondering if u ever think of ridiculous things while lifting

  4. Love ur vids lee, great help and informative for everyone! Keep them coming🔥 also please check my recent video out if u got any spare time, thoughts on my current physique wud be an honour to hear from the main man himself! (I’m 13weeks out)

  5. Great vid. This takes me back to your older at home dumbbell workouts, which helped me greatly in the beginning stages of working out, before I joined a gym. You helped me so much back then and still do today, always great tips and advice. Thank you for all your help, Lee. You are an old School legend.

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