1. Thank you Lucy!! I loved this work out! It kicked my butt 😂 but it felt so good to be sweaty afterwords and know that I’ve done something really good for my body, and overall health 😍. You are truly the best online trainer ever!!!! 😘💕

  2. I love the workout and that it includes stretching, but what I've noticed in the videos is that you don't talk through the stretching and when to switch sides so it makes it more difficult for us!

  3. I’ve tried everything and I mean everything I’ve spent $$$$$ lots and yes I’ve had some results but not real results with this and other Lucy Wyndham read workouts I’ve got to say she makes every day a good day her workouts are not a chore I actually enjoy them and most of all I actually am getting results. Thank you thank you thank you I can’t tell you how much you have helped me you are the most genuine trainer I’ve ever trained with 👍👍

  4. Dear lucy.. Quick question. I have super stubborn belly fat. I'm endomorph with thick & big bone structure yet i'm 150cm 😕 what exercise work best for me? Lean not bulky, i think looks great on me based on my body proportion. Can you please..please.. plan my workout 😍

    by the way lucy, i can't believe you're 25 years experience. You look younger that your actual age then. As i'm getting older, i wanna be like you. Healthy, fit, young, perfect

    Thank you lucy…
    ❤❤❤ love from indonesia

  5. I’m back again! It’s been a few months . I worked hard today and want to thank you for always being here and having new content and having the older good content to go back to!

    I am 28, I’m 4ft 11, I work evenings 4-midnight in a very seditary job. I draw caricatures and names so I sit basically the entire time. I try to stand up and stretch between pictures , and if I’m lucky I get a. Quick break to walk to the ladies room and have a snack (usually a granola bar)

    I need help! I want to tone up and lose 5-10 lbs.

    Any suggestions on what healthy eating book or program I should look into of yours ? I try to use my mornings to do errands and get a small workout in. I want to incorporate some outdoor walks as well.

    All suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I appreciate your channel thank you

  6. Hi lucy is ur workout inclide strength training also. Because I don't know lots about excercises. I am doing ur work out videos I get in shape but my weight is not reduced. I am 90 kg and I want to reduce approximately 30 kg. Someone gave me suggestions to do strength workouts for weightloss. I am pcoser as well as thyroid . Please give me some suggestions. I need ur help….Please

  7. Hi lucy
    I totally love your workouts and 7 minute challenges. I have already lost 1.3kgs in a month. Thank you for motivating us to be healthy.

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