1. That was gruesome! I barely made it, lol. I had to lower my weight on the last section and I admit that I took a break during a set at the end, but finished after Tanner. Thank you for the great start to my morning, bro. You're a blessing. See you on this video next week.

  2. this video is just what i needed to i focus mainly on my upperbody when i can be bothered cuz i want bigger pecs but my i want them there full natural potential too so a brutal workout is just what this greek needed , if i ever need 2 take down a cyclops i know who to call for backup P.S. i love your intro

  3. I did this exercise the entire way through with a pair of 15 lb. dumbells. Then after going through the video once with you, I went through it again, on my own, with a pair of 5 lb. dumbells. Great leg workout.

  4. Feel like throwing up after this haha!! This is not for the faint hearted…. Big ups tanner! By far the best leg work out that I'm going to regret in the morning during recovery!!! 😁 😁 😁

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