1. I really enjoyed this, plus I was able to do all of it. No small feat considering that I’m on the wait list for knee replacement surgery. Thank you so much, Lucy! I’m here through the Saccone-Joly channel where I saw you working out with Anna xox

  2. Lucy, love your 15 minute walking workout. It's monsoon season here in India and your workout provides the necessary exercise. Is it okay to alternate between the two videos? For variety and the arm exercises. Could you also do a similar video with simple easy strength training using body weight. I have hypothyroidism and need to do weight training. Tks

  3. I just found you this week. Thank you for making these wonderful videos available on a cost free platform! I adore that I don’t need special equipment and that this is simple enough to follow along with if I prop my phone next to the tv and turn off the volume. I also love that it gets my heart rate up a little bit, but isn’t exhausting like running since I have a minor cardiac defect (I can run but it’s never going to be fun). I’ve had a hard couple years with both good and bad stress but now it’s time to focus on myself. Forget spa days, this is what self care is all about! Sorry if I’m gushing but I’ve learned you have to tell people when they make a difference and I just know you are one piece of the puzzle in helping me getting my swagger back.

  4. First time done. Feel great. I am over 60. I think any body can do it. God bless. Hope will lose some inches which are stored for years. Thanks

  5. Big thanks lucy you are amazing really need this exercise ,easy but good as I suffer from fibromyalgia it make me feel better 😘😘😘God bless you always dear

  6. I lost 70 lbs. on Keto since November 17, 2018. I'm 66 years old. I feel so great! No inflammation, no edema, heartburn, and I sleep so good. I watch my electrolytes- potassium, magnium and a little salt. Yes! I can finally salt my food! I eat Keto bread, ice cream, eggs, fatty meats and fish, and cheesecake. I keep my carbs ( veggies only-no fruit) below 20 grams a day. Carbs were like poison to me. I eat higher calories of healthy fats like butter, avocado oil, olive oil and moderate protein. In calories it would be 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs. Check out this lifestyle. It saved my life! This workout is great for a warm up to my regular exercise. It's also great for when the weather is too hot or cold or inclement. Thank you for a wonderful indoor workout!💗

  7. Loving this video and all your walking ones. Im chronically ill with ME and never been well enough to loose weight! I used to push myself to do exercise/gym then pay for it for weeks afterwards (bed bound etc) but found a diet that works (finally lost 26lb in 2 mnths and kept it off for over a year) my M.E is pretty stable at the moment and ive started these to see how I get on as ive reached my goal weight but want to get healthier and tone up (want to get pregnant while im well enough) so hopefully can continue with these while pregnant to keep excess weight down! Im so grateful to these as it means im working out my body but not having to go to the gym etc and risking setting my health back! Ive been doing the 15 min walking workouts for just over a week (4/5 x a week) and ive lost inches and all my trousers are looser. Thank you so much Lucy for giving me control back as living with this condition takes it all away! ❤💐

  8. I just wanted to share that I have been faithfully doing the workouts every morning (2-3) and (2-4) workouts in the evening for 3 months now and i was 175 lbs when started and i am down to 150, and I also was struggling with night eating syndrome (when i get up in the middle of the night and eat 3-4 times a night), i have also been successfully working on cutting that out of my life and i have to say that doing these excercises have helped me reach my goals for my physical but in that time i have realized my brain needed this too and to keep my life as simple and stress free as possible is healthy for me. Thank you so much Lucy!!!

  9. Great! I was hesitant at first as didn’t hear any music but the advices are so much more fun. Have been waiting for each of them! Thank you!

  10. Could you advise what exercise i could do i have two arthritic knees they are bone on bone im around 24 stone so i cant do much im trying to loose weight thankyou. 👍 😉 👍

  11. I Love your videos Lucy, they are always so easy to follow and I love that you give different options for exercises too and that you cover all abilities… Thank you for all the motivation and fresh ideas! 😍👌

  12. Great routine. Only thing to make it better is to do the routine to ragtime music on Pandora on my I-Pad, such as Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer or Maple leaf rag, etc. Makes it much more fun.

  13. i love all of lucys workouts!! the best therapy i can ask for! i feel great since i have been doing them and i actually want to get up and do them! and they make me SWEAT!!

  14. Lucy, Thank you for all your videos!I am doing these post partum to get back in shape, and these exercises work. I have been doing this for the last month, atleast every alternate day. I didn't see any results immediately,but after a month,I am loving my body.You are God sent!

  15. I have autoimmune diseases so most mornings, I don’t feel like doing anything but I can talk myself into your videos because they are only 7 mins. Thank you Lucy!

  16. I’m not in the best of shape! This video helps me a lot! I really enjoy doing this, and that is not something I say about a workout!😂. Thank you so much for this video!❤️

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