1. Hey Thomas!
    I am doing IF and i break my fast after training. Will casein protein in my post workout spike my insulin more/longer than whey does? Has it any negative effects on insulin while fasting?
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. @thomas delauer I do weights training 6 times a week on a Omad !! Can I take my protein shake alone during the day before my eating window …as you know protein absorption is about 25g after a workout as I want to space out my protein shake intake for better absorption….so that I hit the required protein requirement for muscle maintenance and growth ???

  3. After my runs I usually do 4 eggs sunny side up with plenty of butter, whole avocado, and hummus in the hole of both avocado halves. Optional is sourkrout and veggies. Is this good or bad after a hard 2 hour run? I also season with pepper and garlic salt.

  4. This is a good video. well broken down in a manner that is easier to register.
    For a second I thought there was not going to be a mention about protein but glad that was covered in the Final End.

  5. Hi! So I have a problem… I'm kind of addicted to coke, I know, not cool….anyway I was wondering if I can drink coke zero VERY but VEEERY occassionally while I'm in ketosis? It's supposed that coke zero doesn't boost the insuline. Is this true? Pleaseee help! I'll drink it only on my cheat meal 😁

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  7. I just had my first session with a trainer this morning!!! What did I ever do to deserve you, not-just-keto-guy?! I'm not keto, but I do pay attention to your content! Thank you!!

  8. hi Thomas. thank you for the infomation.

    can i trouble you to advise what i should do if i fasting from 9pm the ngiht before, working out about 8am the next morning and breaking my fast at about 3-4pm that afternoon ?

    normally, i would eat a regular sized green apple, and a high protein yogurt which contains about 20g protein and about 10g of carb. the yogurt has fruit in it but im not sure that there is much fractos in there.

    any advice would be very welcome

    thank you !

  9. If I carb cycle on keto, taking 10g glucose, 10g of fruit, after a workout… would that count towards my daily carb allowance? Also, how hard do I have to actually work out before this is worth doing? HIIT only or also cardio? Thanks.

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