1. Did this for a month and ate four of her meal plans for a month and LET ME TELL YOU I have a bomba** body now. I see results. I feel confident and I look like her body. Like I don’t have rolls anymore. I’m going to continue to keep this up. Also to get a body like hers I did her butt workout.

  2. Sooooo happy to have found your channel , your energy is amazing and I thank you for sharing your journey and wanting to help others out , ppl like to keep the secrets to themselves . Sooooooo thank you . I’m going to start my fitness journey for the 109th time

  3. leg pull ins 3 sets 12 reps
    Russian twist pick up and stacks 3 sets 18 reps
    leg lifts w aerobic ball 3 sets 10 reps
    aerobic ball crunches 3 sets 12 reps
    weighted Russian twist pull outs 3 sets of 12
    plate exchange sit ups 3 sets of 12
    in and out crunches 3 sets of 12
    plank sliders in and out 3 sets of 8
    plank sliders in only 3 sets of 8

  4. Taylor my beautiful cyber sister! I have a baby so gym is usually not an option. Can we get some home workouts?Please pretty please do a complete lower body; covering glutes, hips and hip dips. Thanks for all your love and inspiration 💖

  5. Love it Taylor !! Your consistency is contagious !! So two things … 1st how many times a week would you recommend with this workout ? Second is there an alternate way to do the sliders ? … wanting to start this immediately! Keep up the fantastic work !!! You are so Gorgeous!😘👌… yasssssss hunty!! #goalseveryday

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