1. Flipping heck you are officially "practically perfect" ( Mary poppins) I'm so pleased for you, think of all those lovely new outfits your going to be buying. Massive great tips, thank you

  2. Omg isn’t that the truth as soon as I have a savoury I 100% need to follow that up with a sweet lol finally someone understands….
    I enjoy fasting It really helps as I’m a “night Grazer” 😳

  3. Just saw you on Jesse’s channel and I just 💖 the name of your channel!! I’m posting a video featuring a question from Jesse on my channel tomorrow if you’re interested…if not then I wish you much success on your journey!! Cheers! 😀👍✔️

  4. In the beginning of your video when you are gasping for air because you did some stairs, that is me on a daily basis. I'm a nanny and the family I work for have stairs so every morning I have to go up those stairs to get the baby. I usually stay downstairs with him but today I decided to have him sleep upstairs so that I could go up a couple times a day and get my exercise. I'm on a similar kind of weight loss Journey has you so when I found your video it made me very excited.

  5. You are doing great! I have been losing weight by sticking with whole foods and protein shakes. I feel that i cannot handle to eat heavier foods anymore, especially processed food. Your skin is looking amazing, it's the smoothies!! 💪💪

  6. coming from someone who has not had to lose weight, even I have off days. these aren’t failures; it’s life. some days i drink beer and eat chips. most days i eat proper meals filled with veggies. it’s balance that keeps us stable. you my dear, sound very stable 👌☺️👍

  7. Keep up the good work. I just started intermittenting fasting last week and have noticed not as hungry after 7. I'm also doing simply filling an older version of ww. Basically whole grain and clean eating. How do you break your fast. Xoxo

  8. Always buy ful fat half and half cream butter avocardo. I am trying to work in a good lunch which is my go to for school. I agree counting calories is hard. I am counting points bites at the moment. I am getting in walks although i did not for 3 days because of rain. Lets face it i wont melt 😉 swimming may just be on my list on the weekends if i find a class running then. Great video Stephanie have a blessed week you are looking so relaxed and your body will respond. Im at 57 so clos to 60 i am scared to weigh on Thursday as i am back at school and eating a little more.

  9. Your plan sounds very reasonable and it is definitely working for you! That is what we all have to do is find what we can work and live with and then implement for results. YOU are doing absolutely fabulous! Keep going. I know you are going to do this…I have felt from your very 1st video that you were that determined! You are such an inspiration to all of us! Thanks for sharing your time, your experience and your knowledge with us!

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