1. Awesome good for you Janice for doing Intermittent Fasting! You're looking great, keep up the great work. I was a big fan back in the day. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. The best way to lose weight easily is eat oatmeal ..banana..and vege and fruits. And dont eat dinner ..breakfast is important..even late to eat lunch…is ok.and snack.

  3. I think she’s doing intermittent fasting where you’ll eat in specific schedule (ie from 12pm – 8pm only). I don’t think it will cause ulcer for as long as you’re drinking water.

  4. kahit ako coffe lang ako hindi ako ng aalmusal kasi hindi naman ako nagugutom sa umaga! nakakapayat pag coffe lang ang iinomin

  5. Tama talaga ung water lang sa umaga or warm water pagkagising….2cup warm water then follow na ung coffee or bfast after 2hrs…or pag nagutom..un na ung lunch mo.yes i did medyo gumana…then ala na me rice for dinner…just blanc veg.and fish…

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