1. 2:38 The key to loss weight depends on maintaining this 4 factors. Really important video for them those are too much fat and weight. Really happy to see the video and gathered some knowledge.

  2. This might be my favorite video from you. I'm trying to lose weight. And I've been wondering about ways to lose weight fast. I'm going to consider your pros and cons about losing weight fast and work it into my diet.

  3. Everything in moderation is what I've learned with most things in life. So many great tips in this vid, lots of things people overlook!

  4. Wow, look at all these not fit fathers before and after transformation photo, if you are really heavy, it sure look like following Fit Father Project work out instruction can put you in a fast track to weight loss.

  5. Thanks for the INFO… I REALLY THINK that it's important for people to know how much carbs and calories they have when they lose WEIGHT. Sleep is ANOTHER leading factor in weight loss. GREAT TIPS, BUDD… THANKS!!!!!


  6. great tips and insight – although I myself am not trying to lose weight, this could certainly be helpful for a friend. Great video man!

  7. There are quiet a lot of different understandings on losing weight but the 4 factors explained thoroughly makes everything clear on what needs to be achieved and what s actually required to achieve it. Thanks for the amazing explanation.

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