1. How are there thumbs down on this video? Are people really upset that you are living your best healthy lifestyle and giving free tips on how they can improve their lives? 🧐🤔 strange

  2. All great tips! I love it; I actually weigh myself everyday because of the fluctuations. Weighing in weekly frustrates me, because I’ve learned that what I had for dinner affects my weight in the morning.

    I enjoy seeing the fluctuations; however, I had to train myself to not take the weight seriously… at the end of the month I compare the average weigh in with the month before to determine if I’ve made progress.

  3. Yes, I’m on a weightloss journey too and I’ve been documenting it on IG and I started here too( but have not been consistent) it is definitely helpful to have an accountability partner though this journey

  4. So inspirational. I’m currently going through a Weightloss journey hope you can check me out I appreciate it. You look great and forget all the negativity comments they must not be happy with they self.

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  6. You go girl!! You inspired me to wear dresses with sneakers. In my last video I wore a similar dress with sneakers. I gotta post another one and tag you in it. I see you shining girl! You look gorgeous!

  7. When u doing everything right and you haven't lost u possibly building muscles, or you're eating is still off! I didn't like myself bigger I felt fat, looked fat, uncomfortable etc. I'm starting to love the way I look now.

  8. Gurl it is truly a hard road. It is just a journey. It takes patience and is not being so hard on ourselve.
    All we can do is keep on pushing through Sis one day one step. Keep up the great work Sis
    TFS xoxo💋❤😄🤗💛

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