1. Love when you do full day of eating plus gym workouts. And since you asked, I prefer voice over. Makes it easy to follow along. Love youuuuu ♥️

  2. I mix my coffee with the vanilla premiere protein shake!!! It’s literally tastes AMAZING and it’s a good way to sneak more protein in. Started doing the blender and ice with it this past week and I am OBSESSED! Highly recommend to anyone. ONLY ONE GRAM OF SUGAR IN THE SHAKE BUT taste soooo sweet ❤️❤️

  3. loved the video, great as always! :)I'm currently on a journey to get more muscle and toned but not lose weight because I am naturally skinny and tall but trying to encourage myself to go to the gym more.

  4. Wanted to ask you if there is a sample pack of the formula 1 meal replacement. Tried looking for it but no luck. Would like to try different flavors. Thanks

  5. Glad youre feeling better! Why is it then when someone travels out of their city, especially when they go to concerts, they/we get sick. Guess it's due to all the different germs flying around that were not used to

  6. You look so amazing!! So proud of how far you’ve come. I’ve been watching you and Christian for years and the growth you two have made over the years is incredible. Always praying for you and wishing you the best, momma!!

  7. You probably got sick from the seminar because he keeps it so cold 🥶 the whole weekend. I got sick after I went too. I did the same seminar a few years ago. Feel better.

  8. FieldRoast is one of my family's favorites. The maple breakfast sausage by FieldRoast is also amazing. Gardein has amazing vegan options as well as the Hellmans vegan mayo tastes exactly like the regular version to me, it's creamier even. We started our vegan journey last year and we wish we would've have done it along time ago! Love your channel!! Good luck chica!!! XoXo

  9. Your meal prep and what I eat in a day are my fav videos of yours! I just started my own channel and my creative side looovvveeesss meal prep videos! It’s challenging to always find new things to make that you enjoy!!

  10. Have you ever tried Vega protein powders?! I saw the ones you’ve mentioned and have never tried them but Vega is also vegan and their vanilla greens & protein one is my faaaav ever. They have different kinds and some have BCAAs and are more for working out but I love every single one I’ve tried from them! And they’re pretty affordable considering their nutrient dense ingredients! 🤘🏻

  11. I ran out today and got all of the ingredients for your lunch and it is bomb! You are looking so good girl! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  12. U should try eating more higher fat food. U will be shocked with your energy and weight loss. 🙂 look into keto. My hubbys lost 65 or 70 lbs and I've lost 55 or 60. Lol

  13. I wanted to try Fabletics but I heard that it's like a subscription type membership. The first 2 pairs are $24 but it bills you every month at regular cost or something like that. I'm not 100% sure so I wanted to see if anyone knows how it works?

  14. Girl I feel you! I got away from being plant based as well and I want to get back to it! And umm how could people dislike this video- like hi hello what’s not to like!? 🔥😎🖤

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