1. So I guess I should talk to my doctor and then a dietician. I'm 27, weigh 310 lbs and I'm 5ft9. My A1C is 5.5 and son far as I can tell the only other iffy thing is my cholesterol I'd a tad bit high but not enough to require medication. Do you think I'd be benefit from the low carb diet?

  2. Increasing animal protein is always a good idea. When it comes to nuts how do you feel about the phytic acid? Because nuts are anti nutrient I think they have more specific uses and should not be eaten all the time that's just my opinion

  3. Hi Becky, how do you deal w/hair issues on keto? My hair grow is good but the hair thickness is not. My hair has changed so much since I started keto last year. Any advice?

  4. I have insulin resistance that doesn't seem to be going any time soon so I get zero weight loss unless I keep daily carbs to under 20g, which can be frustrating to maintain every day for years long term.
    I read that for people who are only within the first 6 months of IR that it's reversible- I've had it for 3 years that I know of and possibly longer than that.
    My whole life I've been a sugar and carb addict and I'm almost 43 now.

  5. My challenge is that I don’t want to lose any more weight but still stay in ketosis. I have been on keto for 10 months, not for weight loss but to reverse insulin resistance and get rid of my kidney stones which I managed to do with prolonged fasting several times, however, I wasn’t over weight to begin with but the weight came off any how. I didn’t mind losing 15 pounds but I don’t want to lose any more. I don’t even exercise for fear of losing more weight. I know I am supposed to increase the fat in my diet but I don’t know how to do that without eating more protein which can kick me out of ketosis or snacking between meals which also kicks me out of ketosis. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I agree, while low carb diets DO work for weight loss, they might be causing damage that won't appear for several decades. So I always do a cost/benefit analysis. Is the patient 400 pounds overweight and needs to lose weight at all costs, and as quickly as possible? Well then, heck yeah; I'm prescribing (I'm an RD) a keto diet! But is the person carrying around a few nuisance pounds? If all one needs to lose is <10 BMI points, I would surely recommend the patient TOTALLY omit all refined carb foods of ALL kinds, even Ezekiel bread, or rolled oats! These people should be getting 100% of their carbohydrate from high fiber nutrient dense foods like sweet potato, intact grains, home-cooked beans, and vegetables. But for people only dealing with a little bit of overweight, I wouldn't recommend a low carb diet.

  7. After watching many videos, I've done the 21 day challenge and am continuing on with very low carb for another few weeks. It's been a drastic change, but very positive and not just in terms of weight. Pondering what comes as a next step. 🙂

  8. I am on day 30 of keto, keeping around 20 g of carbs daily. I am Female, barely over 50, not hit menopause yet and have only lost 5 pounds. Have lots of migraines and am wanting to lose 6-8 more pounds and get rid of migraines, but had one yesterday…so still figuring out my macros. 😳 Feeling frustrated. I do I.F. 6 days of the week.

  9. This is my hubby's youtube acct. I'm Kristen and I'm 50. I go about 20- 50. I've been losing pretty good with that range! I have about 70 lbs to go. I fell on my tailbone going into church, black ice 8 years ago. Put on a lot of weight from bad diet and bad meds. Finally found the right diet.

  10. I enjoyed your video. I do under 15 carbs/day, I'm over 50, do intermittent fasting 10+ hrs & I avg 8+ lbs a month. Great weight loss program to maintain on too!

  11. Thanks Dr. Becky. Refined carbs are as poison to me. I'm 66 turning 67 and built like a defensive end or offensive guard football player. Can't touch refined carbs, except as a fun reward. Started losing when I started counting carbs.

  12. I'm a fan of the step down method, but it requires getting over the quick fix mentality. It's easy to get discouraged when watching or reading claims of 60 lbs in 2 months, but 5 lbs a month might be a realistic goal.

  13. Hi Doc..enjoying your channel. Question, I am trying keto for second time (did it for 3 months last year).
    This time I am focusing on the percentage of fat in my diet (my goal is 70% per day). This makes it simple for me. I stay away from processed sugar, bread and starchy veggies). This is my 3rd week, I don't know how much weight I have lost but my clothes are definitely looser. I do 20/4 fasting window and 2 days per week I do a 36-40 he fast (been doing that for 2 years excluding thec3 months I was on keto last year).
    Because I am making all my own food with the exception of a supermarket chicken maybe once per week, I count net carbs,
    My goal is to keep them under 150g per day. I am finding that in reality I am averaging 94 net carbs per day. But do you have any research on 150g/day?
    Btw, I think the reason mine are at that level is I still include some fruit in my diet. Small amounts of watermelon or raisins or blueberries or strawberries. But not every day.

  14. Low carb/Keto is all done and good EXCEPT; I cannot use ANY type of artificial sweetener. Even Stevia is a no no for me. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to chemicals, and almost every sweetener has been treated/manufactured using a chemical, or, has chemicals added. Why should a person have to put chemicals into their bodies which can/will cause negative effects. 🤒

  15. Dr. Becky could convince me to do almost anything 😃 😄 😅 😆. Great information here for beginners. I used a step down method myself a few months ago but it involved replacing a meal a day with a keto meal, then two then keto all the way. The transition was very easy with no side effects other than the massive amounts of pee I excreted for a week. No keto flu either.

  16. Dr. Becky, I am interested in your 21 day Keto Challenge. My question is : can intermittent fasting be incorporated w it? I have been following Keto for a while , but confused about eating veggies like a big salad for lunch and dinner. Do you count those salad carbs? Mixed greens, cucumbers?

  17. I appreciate your mention of gender, age & hormones, (I’m a 60 year old female). This year has been my most difficult in light of the realization of how few calories I need on daily basis. Plus, I have to be much more intentional to exercise regularly. Your information on carbohydrates today is enlightening, 👍. I check your videos weekly and am blessed by the valuable information!
    Thank you, Dr. Becky!!

  18. What is more important: 5% of calories from carbs or 30 grams? I have no appetite on Keto, if I'm not hungry, I feel I shouldn't eat. But then some days my 20 carbs might be 15% of my calories. Thank you for your content!

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