1. I've done once a week and up to 6 times a week. I believe like rep range you need to work all the ranges out at different times for max strength and size, depending on if you are plateaued or not. And of course unfortunately convenience is the most likely thing to affect you.

  2. the first time i got into the gym properly i reacted well to High reps high frequency nowadays when i train like that i just Burn dafuck out so now after october i will try low reps low volume for november and see if my body changed somehow?

  3. I enjoy doing three days (push, pull, legs and shoulders) on one day off and repeat, why? Because its more of a therapy rather than worrying about building mass… It helps me keep centered, it's not about muscle gains for me. Do I see a difference? yes, but it's more about getting out of the house, building confidence, and continuing to feel like I'm being social. Not everyone who work outs is looking for muscle growth and increased gains. It can be a side affect though. I usually do 3-5 sets between 10-15 reps. 3 or 4 exercises per body part.

  4. Hi James as usual great info, I have a question, I have been training for more than 8 years, im 35 and hypertensive, what do you think about using creatine monohydrate? I have never used it before and I read some contradictory info so Im not sure, what do you suggest? Thanks a lot

  5. I'm 56 years old. I do Push Days, Leg Days and Pull days… and go hard. One day a week. I found that I just don't recover well and become tired and sore if I do more days. I'll switch it up a few times a year and will to push and pull twice a week, but I need 2-3 days of recovery… and I don't go hard. And what I mostly do is pyramid my sets. Example: Leg Sled Press… 480lbs @ 16reps; 570lbs @14reps; 660lbs @ 12reps, 750lbs @ 10reps; 840lbs @ 10reps; 930lbs @ 8reps; 1000lbs @ 6reps. (depends on how my knees are feeling… I may or may not do that last set)…. and no I'm not on PED's. Never have been. Started the gym thing when I was 14 years old.

  6. Love the video as always. I have one question: I've noticed youtube fitness vidoes focus a lot on the largest muscle size. Can you do something about training for strength vs size?

  7. Hey James, loved the video, as always! I have a question, though. Several times now you have said that glutamine isn't an effective suppliment, because it's not absorbed where it needs to be to work. I accept the science behind that claim, but I wonder if maybe it depends on the individuals health? To give context to the question; when I first started resistance training in January 2018, I did what I would describe now as a sissy workout, but for the next week my triceps were in pain (definitely DOMS) and for the next 3 months I suffered from an out of season chest infection. It would be bad for a couple of weeks, I'd go back to the gym, and it would flare up again. I was considering investing in some suppliments at the time and was torn between protein and glutamine. I ended up choosing glutamine, and in the next week after taking it daily my chest infection started to clear up and I could finally start going to the gym more than once a week. I know some may argue causation == correlation, but just these last couple of months I have had a similar chest infection that simply wouldn't go away, and after taking glutamine again it had started to clear up. What do you think?

  8. Train every day. You don't have to, nor should train every muscle group, but train something even if it's just sit ups and push ups. It will keep your body producing the things you need.

  9. What is the science behind protein calories specifically on keto? If I'm burning bodyfat instead of eating fat, and eating for example a dangerous 10000 calories of protein rich, low carb foods, how can this actually turn into fat?
    Ive read like 3 sources explaining why excess protein can basically 'turn into carbs' but is unlikely, but nothing about how the protein itself gets actually stored as fat. I wouldve thought it was just carbs and I guess fat that gets stored as fat, not protein. If there is a general consensus that too many calories in and not enough out makes you fat, could this just be because the diets used on these studies have either too many carbs or too much fat? If they tested it with almost entirely protein in those with enough bodyfat to burn, would the same result be found?
    Not actually eating 10,000 calories a day btw

    I'm eating 20,000

  10. Question: I’m actually doing Jeff’s/Athlean X Perfect Abs Workout (Beginner Version) now the ab workout is around 10mins long. How many times a week should I do the 10min ab workout? 6 days? I’d like to know. Also quality video as always, Mr. James!

  11. Once again, great video. It made me want to experiment more. I did full body for a months then switched to bro splits. I notice a significant amount of strength. Now is it my body reacting better with bro splits or just changing routine that caused it.

  12. This is your best video yet. I'm 56 and only began training in August with a schedule consisting of upper body Monday and Thursday, legs Tuesday and Friday. Happy with the results so far, but all your content is useful for thinking ahead.

  13. In my experience, following jim stoppanis “bro split” I made gains in the first year of training. However as my training age increased I had to opt for something that would give me more of a stimulus and more volume. I started to follow a push pull legs program and from there the progress started to pick up again. I get proper sleep, I eat properly and I make sure that I train the same muscle groups within a 48 hour window. It’s been working but idk Iam open to ideas. Iam taking advantage that Iam young lol.

  14. To draw proper conclusions from this we'd need a calorie, protein and volume equated study. Too many variables, though it is wise to stop focusing so much on one end of the spectrum and start seeing that there is a lot more to consider when we talk muscle building

  15. I've been doing the bro split approach for the last 2-3 years now. I feel like I may need to change to total body or push pull legs split as I feel like I've hit a plateau on gains. Between my job and everything else I try to make my workouts as intense as I can for the little time I have to work out. I'm just unsure of how many sets I should be aiming for each muscle group should I decide to change it up.

  16. As a lifetime natty with around 30 years of training experience, I believe we should find a training lifestyle that we can adhere to, as we all have a natural limit, and enjoying the way we reach that limit is the most important part… So for me training full body 3 times a week was the best 😀

  17. I really enjoyed the video thanks for taking the time to make it. It would be a cool video if you piggybacked off of this and gave examples of the frequency/volume ratio. How to decipher what is to much what is to little baiscally be goldylocks with the porridge. Thanks again have a good one.

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