1. I drink 1/4 to 1/2 oz, 2x daily…, right from the bottle. And it does limit hunger pains. Belt went down a notch in 8 days.

  2. I am honestly Leary from things I read about teeth erosion. I might just end up taking capsules. It is not worth erosion to me. It’s truly not.

  3. Thank you for this remedy for blood sugar. .I am diabetic,..can I put 2 tablespoon in a 6oz glass of water.? Or do you take it direct,no diluting? Pls reply

  4. While I very much enjoy your videos I notice you do not answer the pertinent questions. Mostly the complimentary ones. Maybe you could address some of these if time allows. Thanks again

  5. I wanna fix acid reflux. Although 1-2 tablespoon for 3 times a day helped me a little, I feel better if I consume more. But at the same time, I'm not sure if it's okay to drink so much.

  6. WAIT A MINUTE ! I've watched countless videos in the past week on how ACV " melts " fat away. 2:30. I hardly think losing 2 pounds over a three month period can be considered melting. I can't see this stuff living up to the hype. But I'm gonna try it anyway.

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