1. 2:00 Have you always been so confident within yourself or have you had times where you were less?
    3:50 Confidence taken a turning point
    5:30 Do you think confidence comes easy to you because you have a platform & get likes
    6:40 Self esteem
    8:30 Top tips to build confidence daily
    11:50 How do you remain confident when everything is going against you and you start doubting yourself?
    13.45 How to trust yourself, go with the flow and not have structure in life?
    14:50 Do you think it’s possible to appear confident to others but honestly not feel it?
    16:18 Tips on how to build body confidence (link in description)
    17:46 The comparison game, how to stop it?
    18:25 How do you start as a beginner with fitness?
    20:18 Being a female I find the gym so intimidating and scary
    21:03 How to handle people staring at the gym
    21:19 How to progress forward when you are feeling discouraged seeing no progress? (Linked)
    21:33 How do you respond to someone who challenges your motives and goals?
    22:44 Tips on how to gain confidence to start a youtube channel?
    22:54 Do you think rough experiences are a must to build confidence?
    25:52: How do you stay confident if you are inexperienced at work, made mistakes and felt lost?
    26:54 How do you deal with criticism at work?
    27:57 Are you confident around people you fancy?
    29:07 Advice on making friends with new people?
    29:35 Handling creeps on the street, I don’t want that attention

  2. I have been subscribed for some time now, but I just now noticed she only has 32k..WHAT IS THIS NONSENCE?!?!?!?!?!? also love this vid so much, so inspiring!

  3. This was soo good! I've struggled with confidence and lacking self esteem since I can remember, especially at the moment… I appreciate you and your words sm! You're just frkn fab!! A lot of love from Switzerland🧡

  4. Love these tips, I used to always volunteer to go first in class too for the same reason. I was a shy and super conscious person so would always get presentations etc out the way and as a result I am now more confident than ever when doing presentations and talks. Thank you for these tips, perfect for getting me motivated for the start of the week. Xx

  5. you know when people say that meditation is also doing things that you like, that makes you feel calm and present in that moment?

    your videos are definitely one of the best meditations <3

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