1. Thanks for giving the drills. But I think there must have been more time spent showing the actual drills. The video of the six kicks and one arm drills were too short for me to completely understand the drill.

  2. My problem isn’t about not managing to get air or breathing in too much air, it’s that I’m out of breath after 100metres and have to stop. Breathing out under water feels too difficult, I’m sure it must come automatic after a while…still waiting for that.

  3. This has been the most difficult thing for me. Now I don't stop kicking when I breathe, but I still don't have a solid breathing pattern. I have to breathe every stroke. Thanks for this video!

  4. They said 6 kicks one stroke…. when I got in the water, all I cared was just float and breath…. I totally forgot how many kicks… I just kept kicking….

  5. I am new to swimming and I have asthma and sometimes buy the third stroke I start to panic. It feels as if I can't get enough air and or I can't hold my breathe that long. Is this a common thing for new swimmers or just swimmers with asthma?

  6. Thanks for the instruction video….
    Began swimming again last year but only recently started to get to perfecting my techniques and I find it really difficult to get that breathing under control…….i keep getting water in my nose and it hurts like crazy 😀
    I will give this a go and see if i can get that to work !

  7. question should we hold the breath as long as we can while making stokes and blow out and take breath almost the same time… I thought blowing our reduces your buoyancy….

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