1. Soon to be 67 glad I found your sight I understand the importance of muscle strength for your whole body as you age especially lower body for balance and mobility

  2. I'm 72. That looks so old when I see it in print! (:-) I've been lifting weights since age 16. I never trained hard with weights, because I did them to augment my other sports, but I was consistent, and still am. I've always done the standard compound exercises, focusing mainly on volume with moderate (for me) weights, three sets of 20 reps for 6 compound exercises. The only time I ever tried lifting "heavy" (for me) was on my 60th birthday, when I did a clean and press with 150 lbs. Anyway, here's what I have noticed: at 72, no matter how hard I push it, I never get a pump. Also, I'm never sore afterwards. I don't feel that wonderful soreness I used to feel as a young man; instead, my muscles just seem kind of tired. I feel kind of disembodied from my body.

    Should a guy my age, who has played around with weights for 50 years continue to focus on volume? Or is it possible to push it a little, without killing myself?

    Luv your videos!

  3. I'm 68 yrs young Skip and a pancreatic cancer survivor.Been watching your vids about 4 mos. and I truly appreciate these.I've been lifting approx 1 yr.

  4. Thanks Skip! I’ve subbed, filled out the questionnaire, followed on Twitter. @ 63, having lost everything in my life due to health problems, having twice been referred to Hospice and in life support several times, your videos have given me hope I can make one more comeback, except this time for the first time, for me! Thank you Sir, you ate the real deal!

  5. Thank you but I always work triceps first bt I will try this tomorrow how come only 2 set each and last exercise only 1 set? maybe I missed something first time viewer of yours but I like what I see…. is this enough sets? thank you againpal

  6. Thanks for all this Skip – I'm 62 and have been back in the gym for about 2 years (I was a pro competing back when I was in my 30s); and I'm tired of all the myths and naysayers telling me that I should lower my expectations. I lift heavier and am bigger than I was when I was 30, but it's a huge challenge getting rid of those last few inches around the middle.
    I'm catching up to you….but have a little way to go.

  7. Sir,im 18..My arms Are really soo weak,Soo small.And my all body parts like chest, back and leg are in good shape and size
    But those exercises will probably help me i think..

  8. Just coming back from a looooong layoff and dealing with badly damaged shoulders, BUT starting again at 60. Slow and steady…..good diet, lots of rest..and looking for some good "Old Man Routines". Just found the channel. New sub. Looking forward to watching.

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