1. I do weights Monday to Friday and also bike trails for about an hour and a half or so after weights everyday, is this a bad approach ?

  2. Oh…I have done two weeks of your full body work out 2-3 times per week with 3 days of HIIT on elliptical. Am i not giving myself enough recovery than? Should i switch to this 2 steady state and one HIIT as suggested?

  3. Hi! this is very helpful. Therefore if I do: upper body / lower impact cardio / lower body / lower impact cardio/ total body / hiit cardio . that would be ok? Also, this is also advisable for women, right?

  4. I am currently 5'10 170lbs and my goal is to get down to 155-160lbs and be more lean. I go to the gym and lift on monday, wednesday and friday. I play soccer with my team on tuesday, thursday and saturday. While playing soccer you run quite a lot ofcourse, especially in games that are 90 minutes long. My diet is ok, not too good. I still live with my parents, since i just turned 18 so i don't have control over dinner. Outside of dinner i eat quite healthy and i restrict my calories. I sleep about 5-8hrs in weekdays because of school and 8-10hrs in the weekend. I would like to sleep more, but i can't really help it. Is this enough to get to my goal? Or is sleep REALLY important?

  5. Hopefully somebody did not already asked this – there are several folks out there toughting that cardio is harmful for testosterone levels on men over 40.? Is this just hype, is there any credibility to this information? I hope this is just hype, I really enjoy weightlifting and I really enjoy doing a variety of longer cardio sessions.

  6. Good tactic. Doesn't do a lot of good if you're fit and can't put the elbow grease to the wrench. 😉 Get those dads in shape! ok, but seriously, good advice.

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