1. This is great information! I recently discovered your channel and have learned so much already! Is there ever a time to not do a full body workout? Or do you do this every day?

  2. This makes a lot of sense. In fact, pretty much everything you say makes a lot of sense. I am glad I found your channel because there are tons of things I can learn here.

  3. This is a very interesting area for me and you've given me a lot of food for thought here. Slightly off topic, for tracking one's progress and also to be able to plan ahead to design a good long term workout plan – is there any software that you use or find of benefit, that you'd recommend? I'm thinking more of some sort of planning software, perhaps even a calendering or spreadsheet program, rather than something used in the gym to keep track of weights used and reps, etc.

  4. I would love to see a more beginner/intermediate friendly gym approach for actually building an exercise protocol from the ground up. I am not new to the gym, but I have been somebody who did 5×5 Stronglifts app for results previously and then if I wasn't doing that I would just pick and choose without a specific structure to my lifts or body parts on a given day. Now I am a dad with a wife, two kids and a job who would love to just stay in healthy shape with 2-3 intense 30-45 minute workouts a week to really maximize the effectiveness of the little time I have to get to the gym. I know that nutrition is the primary catalyst to weight loss, but being in physical shape is something that can benefit everybody in the long term as long as we allow our bodies enough rest without destroying them in the process of getting them healthy for long term growth and care.

    Great video, love the content as always!

  5. Strength VS Hypertrophy Know which one you are trying to boost. When you alter your training to allow both to grow with an optimum growth factor. Nervous system building first than muscle skeletal system. Intuitively you will know which one is lacking. Most of the time it is nervous system is lacking, but sometimes people never go to hypertrophy which is using only 70-80% for 12-15 reps. They just eat way to much food and get fat. Fat on your body, does not make you stronger.

  6. Hello I take over 2 hours for full body workout and in accord to your method I should do it everyday. How you can do a full body workout in 30 or 40 minutes?
    Perhaps I am to green to understand your video and maybe you can address me with another video if you have one already made.
    Thank you for your advises and I really like your way to teach things to people.

  7. Thomas, I workout 6 days a week: 3 days weight training and 3 days running. On two of my running days I only run 5 miles with the focus being time and pace, and on the third day I run anywhere from 8-12, focusing on distance. Is it possible to get the benefits of the approach you described on just the 3 days I devote to weight training? Or do I need to add the approach you described on top of my running on those days where I have already allotted for running?

  8. Hey Thomas, I'm late to this video but how many sets and reps for a full body Monday-friday? And if I do heavy or lite weight how many sets for that?

  9. Let me see if I heard you correctly:
    My max run is 20 miles/week
    bench 315 lbs 36 to 48 reps/week
    squat 315 lbs 36 to 48 reps/week
    Pull-ups body weight 36-48 reps/week
    leg press, calf-raises, lats pull, etc

    Mon emphasis RUN 20 plus miles
    No more than 80% on Bench, Squat, Pull-ups, Abs Rocky sit-ups or twist, shoulder shrug, military press, etc…
    I don't think you or anyone else can do these after 10 or 20 miles. smh

    This is what I can do NOW am over 50 y/o. This Sat I burned my legs (emphasis) for an hour, 80**ish on abs for 30 mins, run 2miles , walk another 2 miles at 4pm. If I run 10 or 20 miles I can only work-out on my right bicep reaching for a bottle of water. 🙂

    This system works out for some people. NOT for everybody. Like I said am over 50 y/o and am in better shape than Joe Rogan and his guest.

  10. Very informative. Can you make a video comparing this approach with occums protocol & Body by science kind of method? Which is better? I read in Tim Ferris book that Occums protocol is best for max gains within short period of time. Your thoughts

  11. bro thanks a lot!! for this scientifically supported information and recommendations…good energy from Colombia to you… you make this with lots of love … it's a great great work !!!

  12. Please make more videos on this topic. I work out often but I don't always understand how to put my workouts together. This video is awesome and we would definitely appreciate plenty more on this subject. Thank you for teaching us how to become a better us.

  13. How much do you vary your exercises? Are you doing, for example, squats every day, completely different leg exercises, or are you switching between different but similar exercises (front squats, bullet squats, etc)?

  14. A big thanks for your video. I've been training in fullbody for 8 years till today, and I've been testing several routines technics to get the best of fullbody training, sometimes wondering if fullbody would really be a solution for progress. Surprisingly, I've recently tried a technic close from yours a noticed new improvement in body composition and performance. I'm very glad to see that you're using something quite similar and it strongly encourages me to go further in this direction.

    Very interesting and well explained. Go on 😉

  15. This is perfect. Thank you!! Question: I have been doing yoga in the morning during the week. My plan is to start doing 3 days yoga then 2 days strength training. Is that enough for a beginner?

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