1. Hey bro! Do you offer any programs / training online? Would love to get in touch to start a new chapter with gym and muscle gains. And I am dead serious about this haha

  2. Hi.

    I have the first day full body, 1 day rest.
    Second day chest, shoulders triceps.
    Third day back, shoulders, biceps.
    Fourth day legs.

    Do you think this is effective?

  3. Hey, you should get discord! You can create a Community Server. If interested, google "Discord". My name and tag is: " @Lewis Finch#6226 ". I can help you make it.

  4. Did you ever get sore when you started? And if you did, how did you deal with it/reduce the time for it to heal?

    Also, could you maybe do a video of your daily routine? Like what you eat for breakfast, pre workout meal and post workout meal?

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