1. Why the f u c k
    would we want to look good in the gym. We go there to work out, not to stare at the mirror or get the girls hitting on us. I wear an oversized shirt with food stains so nobody approaches me and I can do what I want 😂

  2. Sorry ti disagee with you but I don't get the one about smelling good!! You can't expect to stay clean at the gym.You're going to workout,so will sweat and you'll obviously smell. You can't prevent it! There's no way round!!

  3. Does looking good at the gym really matter. You aren’t there to look good you’re there to workout. I understand performance wear for functionality but it doesn’t have to look stylish because you’re going to sweat in it anyway.

  4. Alex try huarache Nike for all workout whether lifting and running but ultraboot they designed for running if heavy lifting will lead to injury due to the base of the 👟

  5. Being in the gym is not about how to look!
    You're wrong if you think so!

    You need some deodorant of course a bottle of water (or BCAA) a freshly washed comfortable T-shirt, sweatpants and a pair of training shoes but they needn't have a big Adidas or NIKE logo!

    Train in a gym is a really hard work where everybody's going to be sweaty both girls and men.

  6. This all looking good at the gym and to impress girls and how to be a man tutorials, community is the most superficial shit I realized I ever subscribed to on YouTube. I’m out this is some superficial shit! Life is more than this crap

  7. Alex: With short hair, you can do anything you want.
    Me: flip my hair dramatically

    Alex: I'm surprised how many people wear flip flops to the gym
    Me: roll my eyes remembering a certain douchebag

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